Freedom School at Grace

Grace Church 2017 Freedom School Grace Church is again hosting a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School this summer. Fifty young people will spend six weeks at Grace Church increasing reading skills and reading appreciation, growing in self-confidence, and having lots of fun together! Freedom school will meet each weekday, June 19 – July 28, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Each day will begin with breakfast followed by Harambee – a high energy, enthusiastic, motivating start to each day! During Harambee students will sing, dance, chant, cheer, and hear a story read aloud by a local community leader.

Students will then be in stimulating reading groups working on developing their reading skills from 9:00 until 11:45. Our Grace Freedom School will have two Level I groups, two Level II groups, and one Level III group. Each group is made up of ten students and is led by a Student Leader Intern. Level I is for students who have completed grades K – 2. Level II is for students who have completed grades 3 – 5. Level III is for students who have completed grades 6 – 8. Lunch will be served each day at noon. The afternoons will be filled with enrichment activities and Friday field trips.

Our Grace Freedom School is an excellent opportunity for our Grace family to connect with families in our community. Throughout the six-week program we will need volunteers to assist in serving lunch, and to provide some assistance to our Student Leader Interns in Level I and Level II as needed. On special occasions we may also need volunteers to help with special activities or events. The YMCA has graciously agreed to provide food, for our daily breakfasts and lunches. Grace volunteers will be free to just serve the food and interact with our Freedom School participants. Our Student Interns may need help preparing and organizing classroom supplies for the day or help with a particular classroom activity. Volunteers assisting our Student Interns would need to be available between 9:00 and 11:30 a.m. We are not asking volunteers to serve daily for all six weeks. We will be breaking up the volunteer times to allow more people to participate. Please contact Debra Humphrey at 836-3167 if you would like to participate as a volunteer with our Grace Freedom School. There will be an orientation meeting on Wednesday, June 9 at 6:00 for all interested volunteers. This will give us an opportunity to discuss our needs and also give you the opportunity to offer any suggestions.

Our Grace Freedom School will be using much of our wonderful Grace Church building. We will have classrooms meeting in the Chapel, the Ladies’ Parlor, the Patio, and the Young Adult Lounge. These rooms will be transformed for this six-week program into stimulating learning environments. During the time of our Grace Freedom School, take time to stop and admire the artwork, the educational materials, and the decorative themes saturating these rooms. Breakfast and lunch will be served in the Fellowship Hall. Various activities will take place in the gym.

What a marvelous ministry use of our Grace resources of people and place! Our Grace Freedom School will finish with a Grand Finale Program the evening of July 27 here at Grace Church. Mark the date now and plan to participate. More details will be forthcoming as that date approaches. Staffing for our Grace Freedom School includes Pastor Sherry as Executive Director, Debra Humphrey as Project Director, Pablo Nunez as Site Coordinator, and six Student Leader Interns. You will learn more about Pablo and our Student Leader Interns in the coming weeks. We are anticipating another great year of Freedom School at Grace Church. Please keep our staff and students and student families in your prayers. This is an exciting opportunity for Grace Church and our community!

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