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Whether you missed a service, or just need a friendly reminder, you can always check here in our archives. We update every week with our latest service. Whether you want to listen to something you missed or want to share with friends and family, you can find what you’re looking for here.

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Nov 11th

God’s Faithfulness
Our Witness

Our Witness

Nov 4th

Leaven, Laughter and the Saints

the Saints

Sep 16th

Stories of Jesus – Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

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Sep 2nd

Our Ticket
To Heaven
Rev. Tom Boomershine, Ph.D.

Aug 26th

Fear Knocked,
Faith Answered

Faith Answered

Aug 19th

No East, Nor West
– Love All

– Love All

Aug 12th

DNA of a Disciple
of Jesus Christ
Rev. Leroy Chambliss

Aug 5th

Be Not Afraid
Be Not Afraid
Be Not Afraid

June 10th – July 29th

Sex, Sexuality and Scripture


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June 3rd

Time to Get
it Right

it Right

May 27th

Slavery & Fear; Freedom, Curiosity & Love

May 20th

Dreams, Visions, and a Ruckus!


Apr 22nd – May 6th

Joseph: A Case Study in Living as the Beloved

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Apr 15th

It’s good
to be seen.
Rev. Dr. Harold D. Trulear

Apr 8th

Late to the
Party, Skeptical
and Loved

Feb 18th – Apr 1st



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Jan 7th – Feb 11th

Seeking! Success, Substance, Something More?

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