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Grace Notes December, 2015

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14)

This statement from the prologue of the gospel of John will appear on Christmas cards we receive by U.S. mail, on e-cards we receive by e-mail, on facebook posts, and in many other places this advent and Christmas season. What does God’s dwelling among us look like? What are the characteristics of a space where God dwells? How would we describe a dwelling place of God? These questions are at the heart of our Grace Advent, 2015 worship series, “God’s Living Room”. We will examine scriptures from 2Samuel, Isaiah, and the gospel of Luke as we seek to describe the dwelling of God among us, as we seek to paint a picture of God’s living room. This Christmas season discover anew God’s Living Room – not a man cave nor hell’s kitchen, but rather a living space of inclusivity, justice, grace, and peace.

This advent season at Grace Church includes some of our traditional treasures and some new opportunities for inspiration. On December 6, Rev. Dr. Harold Trulear will be our guest preacher for 10:30 worship.

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