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Grace Youth Mission Trip to Atlanta


In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, Aug. 6, Grace Church Youth Ministry will head towards Atlanta, Georgia to leave our mark. Well, perhaps it’s not exactly the wee hours of the morning because we leave just after sunrise. However, having to meet to leave at 7 a.m. during summer break may be a monumental task for our teenagers. I think somehow the last-minute packing and pre-trip anxiousness might have our young people not sleeping at all! Although it was nearly 30 years ago, I still remember how staying up late prepping for and thinking about church trips made for a lot of snoring during the second half of anything longer than a three-hour drive.

Our days will be full of service, sightseeing, and exploring our surroundings at Red Top Mountain. Our evenings will be a time to celebrate new or renewed relationships that come with serving together. Fellowship at its best! Each morning will begin with a Devotion Moment and each evening will include a time of reflection that can be shared with the group or simply recorded in our personal journals. With God’s blessings we will return, tired but inspired!

Peace and Blessing,

Sean Walton, Sr.

Youth Ministry Director

Learn more about the trip:

We will sort and pack Books for Africa.

We will work in the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Community Garden and Product Rescue Center.

We’ll spend a day at Red Top Mountain.

On the way home, we’ll visit Tennessee State University.

See photos from the trip on our Facebook page Grace: A United Methodist Community

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