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Covid Vaccine

It is a very exciting development, and we are delighted to announce again that Kettering Health Network is partnering with Grace to provide COVID-19 vaccinations in our building!  They will begin making appointments on Monday afternoon, January 25.  You can go to for more information and to make an appointment.  You may also contact the church office at 937-278-4731 for more information.  The plan is to begin vaccinations at our facility on Thursday, January 28.  This week you may receive a vaccine if you are 75 or older.  Beginning February 1, you may receive a vaccine if you are 70 or older, or if you are school personnel.  Beginning February 8, vaccines will be provided to those who are 65 or older.  

Appointments are required for vaccinations and criteria must be met. There are no out-of-pocket costs, but insurance will be billed. If you do not have insurance, you still qualify for the no out-of-pocket cost vaccine.  Quantities are announced on a weekly basis, and the network will continue adapting its plans based on the doses available to ensure local residents can receive the vaccine in the most efficient way.

This is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate again that Grace is for Everyone and that our church is committed to playing an important role in the community.

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