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About Us

Come, experience Grace.

Grace Church is a faith community in the heart of Dayton seeking to follow Christ’s examples of love, peace and justice. We are a diverse urban community of persons who value connecting to God and to one another. We believe that it is good to question and to seek. We may not always believe the same as one another, but the people of Grace Church believe in God’s love and in one another. Grace is for everyone!

Senior Pastor, Rev. Sherry L. Gale, Ph.D.

Pastor Sherry believes we are all beloved children of God.  We each have gifts and abilities to be developed and shared together in community with one another.  The gifts, abilities, and experiences of each of us are needed to shape a world of justice, peace and love.  Each of us plays an integral role in continuing to mold the world into the beauty, abundance, peace and harmony God has always desired.  Pastor Sherry is thrilled to be serving Grace Church where her values and vision are widely shared.  She is grateful for the journey she shares with her children and her community – a journey that continues to inspire and challenge and transform her.

Children’s Ministry Director, Marcia Byrd

My goal with the ministry is to show kids that they can have fun while learning about who God is and how He loves and cares for them. It’s so exciting to see the children connect and grow in Christ. I feel that it is important to introduce the word of God early to create a strong foundation that kids can build on through their adult years. It is great to be a part of their journey.

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